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A tale of a mama cat and her four babies

May 29, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Two and a half weeks ago I noticed a young cat with three babies running into the woods across the street from where I live. I asked around the neighborhood about her, but nobody claimed her. Right away I started feeding them morning and night. I knew I needed help trying to catch them, so I called the "queen of cat rescue," Edith Schulte. She came over right away, and we set up a cage in hopes of getting them to go inside (not an easy task). We were lucky to catch the mama.

Edith took her to be vet checked, shots and spayed. After that was done we released her back to her babies. It was important to get her fixed quickly cause a "tom" was after her again.

Now we needed to catch the babies who appeared to be 8 weeks old. For 5 days I could not find them. I found out, mama cat had moved them down the road into my friend's backyard and woods. We set up the cage there, and tried again. Within three days, Esther Fisher (the cat whisperer) had caught the babies. To our surprise, there were four. She also caught the mama cat. We wanted to keep them together. Now ... what do we do!

Enter, another friend of mine. Lori DePalma (who is a saint) without hesitation took them all into her home. She will feed, care and socialize them til they are of age to be spayed or neutered. At that time, Edith will get the babies, have them vet checked, shots, fixed and put up for adoption. They are beautiful kitties!

I have to say, Edith is a godsend. She has devoted the last three years, seven days a week, any hour of the day, all her efforts, plus the expenses to save all the cats that nobody else cared about. She works with kindness, compassion and sympathy to keep these cats from reproducing, and then left to fend for themselves.

Thank you Edith, you are truly a wonderful person with a huge heart.

Thank you Lori and Esther for being there also. I am writing this to point out that it took four people who cared, because one person chose not to. PLEASE - do the right thing, spay or neuter your pets

Mimi Whitaker

Pine Island



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