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Abuse of the elderly is not the solution to our debt problem

May 22, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The election of 2012 is over, but the extremists persist in their desire to eliminate the deficit by destroying Medicare, Social Security, and entitlements. In the face of a growing senior population who will be dependent upon these, with no other means of support, I feel this is un-American.

There are many other means to solve the deficit problem. Never mind that these entitlements were earned by Americans whose life effort has been to retire with dignity. FDR's Second Bill of Rights, article eight, states "The right to adequate protection from economic fears of old age, sickness, accidents, and unemployment" is one of the basic securities we should all have.

There are currently many seniors who are hardly able to exist on what they receive and are working well past retirement.

It is unfair that there is continuous concentration of wealth in the hands of the richest 10 percent of America and corporate America. At this point 10 percent of Americans own more than 50 percent of American wealth. These are the same individuals who get tax breaks. They are the same individuals who own corporate America and get loopholes. They financed the multibillion campaign we just witnessed, pay the lobbyists, finance political PACS, Citizens United, and American Legislative Exchange Council.

There is an unprecedented, dangerous concentration of money and power in the hands of the elite and no concern for the common man. This creates an inequality like never seen before in all essentials of life from health care to even worse, the inequality of voting power.

We as Americans must look to solve this problem. The "Move to Amend" is still active, but "Occupy Wall Street" disappeared. The people of America just don't seem to have the will to resist.

I hope we will find some gristle in our backbone soon. The election of 2014 will be upon us soon. If we are not prepared, the middle class will be decimated, and only the rich and corporate America will be intact.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myer



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