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I’m not judgemental

May 15, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Although the word "morals" is in the dictionary, it's very hard to find in this country. Well, they did it again. They made a law against texting while driving. But you must have another violation before an officer can stop you. Now, would you rather take your chances sharing the road with someone who is texting? Or someone who is driving with a broken tail light lens? Duh. Do these politicians allow drugs at their meetings? And someone was praising the capture of the second bomber in Boston. Let's see, over 1,000 policemen, out of their perimeter. If it wasn't for the guy seeing blood on his boat, they probably would never have caught him. Do you get that warm and secure feeling about our national security? My gosh! What if there was a dozen bombers?

And did you hear about the guy in the White House wants to close the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? He wants to close the prison since the prisoners are starving themselves. Seems to me like it's justice at its best. Oh, the White House guy failed to mention the atrocities committed by those prisoners. Like they say, no sense being stupid if you don't show it. If the prisoners want to starve themselves to death, that's their business and our gain. It's better than them putting explosives on their bodies and blowing people up. Common sense. Right? So, of course, our government does the opposite. Besides voting, where did we go wrong?

Golly, I am so glad I'm not judgmental.

Ralph Brookhart




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