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Stop hurricanes before they get started

May 1, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

This message has been sent to President Obama, and Congressional, military, and other key leaders around the USA.:

Ladies and gentlemen, with all due respect, I think you will all agree that we have had enough of these unwanted very costly yearly summer hurricanes and that it's about time action be taken to stop these hurricanes before they even get started, to keep them from slamming into the coastal States of the USA.

How can this be done?

Well, let's take the money that is normally spent on FEMA and other organizations cleaning up and settling the aftermaths of these devastating hurricanes and instead spend the money and effort on doing things to cool the summer warm waters off the west coast of Africa, because the hurricane experts tell us that it's these warm waters off the west coast of Africa that cause the beginnings and start of the hurricanes. Try using "pykrete" as described in Wikipedia, an experimental type of longer lasting ice, and which was experimented with during WW-II, to help cool the warm waters off the west coast of Africa. Make use of and deploy several of the now-moth-balled Navy ships as ice-maker ships crisscrossing the warm waters off the west coast of Africa. Also, use the GPS system and any other technique to identify the embryonic hurricane disturbances butterflying around in the warm waters off the west coast of Africa and quiet them by cooling the waters.

And finally, if possible and feasible, drag chunks of loose ice from up near the region of the North Pole down to the west coast of Africa to cool the warm waters. Let's try it, the only thing we have to lose are the possibilities of having more unwelcomed active destructive hurricanes hitting ours and other land masses.

Remember what we teach our children - if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again, and nothing ventured, nothing gained! Let's practice what we preach. We don't need to rely only on reports from TV weather reporters about how good we are with forecasting the minute-by-minute blow-by-blow hurricane paths, etc. It's up to all of you leaders to get the ball rolling NOW!

Al Ursitti

Veteran, World War II

Cape Coral



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