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Concerned about litter on the island

April 24, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

We know we live on a special island. I like to bike and walk this pretty place. Many times my path takes me through woods. I'm dismayed by how much litter I see. It's probably true that most of us don't litter, so how does all that junk land up all over Pine Island? I think I know at least a partial answer. Only businesses are given covered recycle bins. On a windy day I've seen my recycles strewn across the street and into the woods there. Of course, the local critters, like raccoons, take stuff out, so they can eat in safety in the woods. I try to keep up with their littering, but I believe the solution would be to insist that recycle bins for everyone need to be covered.

I'm sure that as a group we can make this covered bin change happen. Besides the scandal when the waste company was caught not recycling this is a change that the famous muscle of committed Pine Islanders can make happen. Right?

Roothee Gabay




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