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Gun insurance?

April 10, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Now they're talking gun insurance to cover expenses. I guess the message is if you're going to shoot somebody make sure he's dead. That way he can't sue and his life insurance should cover his expenses.

How about slipping on a yo-yo insurance, being impaled on a toothpick insurance, finger stuck in a hole of a donut insurance? Where does it end?

Went to the memorial for George McAfee at Froggy's. Very nice turnout, but I couldn't hear a word that was said. It's the thought behind it. He will be missed by many.

If only there was as much interest in spelling bees or math test as there was in the recent basketball game then it would be a sign that the world has a chance.

But now it's sports and the entertainment fields that hold the spotlight, which gives kids very little incentive to study.

Now its yelling, so you can't understand the worlds to replace singing. Wiggling to replace dancing. Tossing a ball rather then throw a ball to replace sports.

Sports have joined the banks of business. In the huddle its break that guy's leg, mangle that guy's arm, whatever happened to guys like Jim Thorpe?

I'll be going back to my planet for a vacation. If you're in the area look me up. God Bless America. Someone has to.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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