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Bicycles, walkers, golf carts and the taxpayer-funded ‘bike/walking path’ on Pine Island

April 10, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

We all paid for the construction of a paved bicycle/walking path parallel to Stringfellow Road. Last year, due to a few disgruntled Pine Islanders, the time-honored use of the bike/walking path and side roads by golf carts was stopped. After much work by Phil Buchannan (bless you, Phil), approval by the vast majority of Pine Island citizens, and time spent by Lee County commissioners (at taxpayers' expense), golf carts will likely again be able to use certain Pine Island roads, but still not the taxpayer-funded bike/walking path.

Bicyclists - you can use the bicycle/walking path, designated bike lanes on both sides of Pine Island and Stringfellow roads, and all island roads. Why do some of you insist on riding in the dangerous bike lane along Stringfellow when the "bike/walking path is totally void of any bicyclers or walkers? I was driving south from the center the other day, and saw two bicyclers on a tandem bicycle riding (not racing) northward in the bike lane along Stringfellow, yet no one was using the safer bike/walking path. A man driving a pick-up truck honked his horn as he passed them. That was stupid, and very dangerous to the bicyclers who were legally using that space. Yet, why weren't they using the bike/walking path, especially when no one else was using it? Yes, bicycles are legal everywhere, but for safety's sake, please use the bike/walking path, especially when no one else is on it. There are many motorists who aren't perfect drivers, and I would think that bicyclists would prefer the safer bike/walking path.

Motorists - if bicyclists choose to ride in their legal bike path along Stringfellow, please don't honk at or jeopardize them by driving too close - it isn't worth it, no matter how annoying it may be.

Let's everyone try to be considerate of others, despite who may be legally in the right. Enjoy life!

Carol D. Crane

St. James City



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