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Florida should take the money

March 28, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Many Florida families these days consist of working parents, struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table. Many of them had lost their jobs during the economic depression.

Still, even before this happened, one of the most important things our families needed was good health insurance. The costs are so high that even your place of work had problems paying for it. They would either pass the cost on to you or reduce the coverage you had, because the insurance companies were taking advantage of the monopoly they had on all of us.

Why would any elected official turn down a way to provide health care for more of its people? Why would a certain party want to destroy the health care system that we built already and one that works?

I'll tell you why! Greed! The politicians that want to stop people from having these benefits, are in the back pockets of the Health Insurance Industry. Plain and simple. This industry had its chance and they screwed it up. They took advantage of our country and its people. Instead of extending it to everyone and keeping costs down, they chose to make as much from the system as they could, anyway they could.

Remember, it's our tax dollars, no matter how the government accumulates them, income tax, sales tax, real estate tax, etc., we all pay into our government. We should be able to decide what we want done with our money.

Thomas Joy

Cape Coral



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