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More traffic safety signs needed

February 27, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Maybe it is time that the county does research prior to expending funds on signs that are more for the safety of the public and not just to have signs. For example, all the small stop signs on Stringfellow on Pine Island bike paths. Most of those are gone. What did that cost us to make them, put them up and then pay to have them taken down? Many may not be familiar with Pine Island, but you might have seen signs like this in your community.

At the crosswalk signs in hospital parking lots another sign is there that says you "must stop" when pedestrians are in the crosswalk. Why can't we have a sign like that put below the yellow crosswalk signs throughout the county? It should be bright red sign under the pedestrian crossing that says "Stop, it's the law."

Coming out of Island Avenue in Matlacha, it's hard to get an opening and you will see seniors with canes waiting for a break to cross - good luck on that one. And when you do stop, all you hear are horns behind you and hope someone coming from the opposite way stops, too. People even try to pass you on the right, which is also against the law and a whole other subject. This shows lack of courtesy for fellow drivers and pedestrians.

Joseph Loibl




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