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Forget about taxes

January 23, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Taxes, smaxes, forget about taxes. Get us millions of jobs and you'll have plenty of tax. But to do that you have to get rid of the middlemen, China, Hong Kong, Korea, etc., etc. And a huge import tax would take care of that.

The longer we ignore the situation, the more crime there'll be. And immigration as it is now is like trying to fill a full bottle with another gallon of water. It just doesn't work. The more you bring in, the more other people suffer. More crime, more benefits. Lost.

Now the powers to be are telling us it's OK to warn speeders that the police are ahead. Duh, isn't that aiding and abetting. Hey, if that guy is speeding, he's breaking the law and might very well kill you or me.

So anything that would protect us should be alright with the law. I wouldn't trust anyone that did blink their lights. So in other words, if you see someone robbing a bank or murdering someone, don't dial 911, just sit there and watch them. Laws are made to protect the criminals, not the honest man. We have criminals making the laws.

And what's with Oklahoma. One stupid thing after another. Now they want it on the ballot that parents can buy alcoholic beverages for their 18-year-old kids. Duh, you don't encourage your kids to drink unless the parents are alcoholics. I know the old argument, if they're old enough to fight, their old enough to drink. Well I'd rather see the draft age to back to 21 and not have to worry about millions of 18, 19 and 20 year old drunks on the road.

Plus if a war starts, our Congressmen and Senators should be the first ones on the battle line. That should cut down on a lot of wars.

It would seem that Oklahoma has an epidemic of the stupid flu. Look at warranties on products. If their 30 day, 90 day, one year, that should tell you something about the product. Leave it on the shelf to collect dust, cause that's probably what it will do if you buy it.

I hope you all have a carload of pythons by now. On the plus side, they taste just like peanut butter. Pray for peace.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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