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Dr. Fahey to perform at Sandy Hook in Matlacha

January 9, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

Renowned medium Dr. Fahey has added a new performance location to his 2013 tour. The Sandy Hook in Matlacha will host a Psychic Luncheon on the second Saturday of each month starting Saturday, Jan. 12.

Dr. Fahey has been selling out events across Southwest Florida. Tickets are on sale now for this special luncheon event. VIP tickets are $44 and regular admission is $38 both include lunch, tax, tip and the show. VIP seats include front of room seating. There is no guarantee that every one will receive a reading, but the demonstration is guaranteed to entertain and uplift.

With the rising popularity of shows like TLC's mega hit Long Island Medium people are wondering if there are message waiting for them. Dr. Fahey has been bringing messages from the beyond for his whole life and is ready to deliver a message to you.

Dr. Fahey said, "I am really excited about adding the Sandy Hook to my tour this year. The restaurant has a beautiful and peaceful setting. This event gives me more opportunity to deliver more messages to those who need them," Dr. Fahey said.

Whether you are seeking love, the truth about a career change, or simple psychic answers to psychic questions, Dr. Fahey will not only tell you what to expect, but also how to prepare for a memorable experience.

No newcomer to living and talking to the dead, since he was a child, he has had the gift. In fact, he grew up playing Ouija. Today, Dr. Fahey has over 40 years of practical expertise in providing accurate psychic spirit readings.

According to Dr. Fahey, angels, spirit guides, and our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side, including beloved pets still have the power to touch and influence our physical lives. What is exciting to know is that you can learn how to feel a loved one's presence, and know it is real and not just your imagination. To start, all you need to do is believe that our loved ones are just a thought away and that those in spirit can and do communicate at certain times and not at others. Thus, we need to be ready to experience these memorable moments if we want toknow the truth.

Dr. Fahey performs live at many restaurants, community centers, clubhouse and private events in Southwest Florida. Tickets are on sale now for all his events in January. All tickets can be purchased at



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