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Neighborhood watch needed

December 26, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Hi, friends and neighbors.

Seems that unfortunately it's time to ask the community to help with a neighborhood watch.

I live on Sanibel Boulevard in St. James City. Two weeks ago a neighbor across the street had two full 5-gallon gas containers stolen from his yard. Now I just had one taken from my carport, which means someone had to walk down my secluded shrubberized driveway only feet from my door to steal what wasn't theirs.

That's both creepy and disgusting! So I'm not sitting by quietly. I made out a police report and I posted this sign asking for help in keeping safe and catching the wankety worms. I figure if we all watch out for each other, not tolerate and report scuzzbuckety thieves, maybe they'll stop their disgusting selfish behavior. If they steal a gas can from my carport I don't trust that they won't move on to stealing from someone's car or living room!

So I'm hoping we can stand together as a community and drive maggoty weasels back into their hovels. If someone can't afford gas, there are many of us on the island willing to help you... Just ask, but don't steal. It's wrong! So please watch out for and report any theft or crime. That's the only way to make it stop.

Many kind thank.

Annie Wenz

St. James City



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