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Kudos to the Water Board

December 19, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Whether fluoride in drinking water is harmful or beneficial could remain arguable. What is not arguable, in a free society, is that we must each reserve for ourselves the right to decide what does or does not enter our bodies. Respecting the majority of those whom they represent, the water board showed the right stuff.

If you personally believe fluoride belongs inside you, you have the right to swallow your toothpaste (read the warning label first). Bad idea? Then choose to brush your teeth several times a day. Or take some other positive action to introduce your teeth to fluoride. Just because you think something's best, foisting that something onto others despite their objections deprives those others of their individual right to choose, to accept or refuse.

Kudos to the six board members who honored that principle by putting common sense and elected duty above self-righteous ego. Bronx cheers to the three who didn't.

Jay and Cecei Whiteside

St James City



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