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Fluoride-free island — now that's a selling feature!

December 19, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Property owners breath a sigh of relief with the GPIWA's "logical" decision to vote no increase in fluoride for Pine Island and Matlacha. A big pat on the back to the six board members who made this storm cloud go away on our island paradise. It has been said that confusion is a great diversion for the truth, in this instance that was the case.

The fact is the type of fluoride that was proposed to be used was called: fluorosilicic acid also known as hydrofluosilic acid as duly noted on GPIWA's web site. Just Google those words, yes, on the Internet. When you do you will see that it is one of three types of fluoride available today. It is also the cheapest form available today and is a by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. Fact. It is stated to be so toxic that it cannot be transported in glass or plastic containers because it eats away at those surfaces.

Just for the record to those remaining three board members who stuck defiantly to their yes votes for the increase, you should know that from 1988 through 1997 there are public records of Lee County School Board's Health Advisory Committee reaching out to Dr. Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D. Research Associate, Dept. of Psychiatry Children's Hospital in Boston, Mass., to investigate and gather data on the use of fluoride in public water systems as it regards to children, humans and animals. Also on their list of data collectors and researchers was Kathleen Thiessen, Ph.D., senior scientist and director working in direct contact with the EPA, Congress and Lee County School Board's health advisory committee. Google that on the Internet and read their recommendations to immediately remove all fluoride from public water systems.

I suppose when you only look at one agency's comments (CDC) from 1930, you would miss the "current" data reports that are right here in our local government. The two reports I just mentioned are endorsed by the EPA, who, by the way, do not endorse fluoride in the water or in the environment. It is important to remember we have several diligent stewards of agency in our federal government's over site with regards to our health and environment. Always a good idea to check them all, not just one.

There is your proof it is bad, Mr. Ward. Lee County School Board's Health Advisory Committee has a copy for you, the EPA has a copy and Congress has copies. You have to go on the Internet to find them though.

A very special thank you to the people of Citizens For Safe Water. They are responsible for the opportunity we had to let our voices be hard via ballots. If not for them and all their volunteer hard work and over site of the fluoride project, we islanders would be drinking this like it or not. Bravo CFSW!

Dawn Shevlin

St James City



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