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Dentists need to research GPIWA toxic form of fluoride

November 28, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Dentists are taught in dental school that the pure pharmaceutical grade form of sodium fluoride is safe and effective when painted on children's teeth or added to toothpaste. When they are made aware that the form of fluoride added to drinking water is hydrofluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste by-product of the aluminum and phosphate industries which also contains other unknown toxins and they do their own research, most understand how harmful this waste product can be and withdraw their support.

Almost 3,800 professionals, including 324 dentists, signed a statement opposing water fluoridation in the U.S.A. thereby directly opposing the ADA and AMA and putting their licenses in jeopardy. See for more information. Dental and medical schools need to update their curriculum with modern studies that show how harmful adding fluoride to public water supplies can be before declaring a harmful toxic waste substance beneficial.

Some parents think that because their children were raised with fluoridated water and had few or no cavities, that fluoridation is a benefit. They also need to open their minds and research fluoride sites other than the CDC government website so clearly influenced by fluoride industry lobbyists. Fluoride, both the naturally occurring sodium fluoride and the hydrofluorosilicic acid waste product, builds up in the bones and brain over a lifetime. Parents may be dooming their children to problems of bone fractures, joint pain, arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, bone cancers, thyroid and digestive issues in their later years.

Studies suggest that low cavity rates are more likely from improved diets and vitamin intake. Not from water fluoridation which has never been proven safe or effective.

If there are other forms of fluoride available for those who still blindly believe it is beneficial, even though there are so many independent studies showing otherwise, they can use gels and toothpaste. Why take a chance. We don't need it in water where everyone is forced to partake. If it's not necessary and modern studies show it is harmful and cannot be proven safe, leave it out. Do not make us pay for something we don't need and don't want.

Please GPIWA don't tell us it's for the poor children who cannot afford dental care. Medicaid pays for children's dental care. Plus the Family Health Center on Pine Island has a sliding scale for charging low-income families according to their ability to pay for medical and dental care. There is an immense amount of evidence of harm and no studies that prove it's safe. Whole countries have banned fluoridation after researching these studies. How much harm will be done to our children before the U.S. catches up to other countries.

Don't take my word or the word of citizen's on the Water Board who rely on the government lobbyist site ( for outdated public health information. Do your own research. Start with the Fluoride Action Network and branch out from there or go to the for more suggestions. Then make sure you return the blue paper ballot you should have received before now from GPIWA. Or call GPIWA at 283-1071 and request a copy. The water company must receive your ballot by December 6.

Kathy Malone



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