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ACLU did it again

November 28, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I see the ACLU did it again. Fighting drug test for people receiving assistance I know I don't want my tax dollars spent on drugs, which in turn causes accidents, expensive drying out treatments, crime and also death.

How the ACLU ever got the word American in their title is beyond me. There as un-American as it can be. A greater threat then the terrorist. A thorn in our side. The government can do us all a big favor if they send all the ACLU people up in the next rocket to space. One way of course.

Obama claimed he decimated Al-Qaida. How come they're still bombing? If you kill a general that doesn't stop the war. And sending arms and ammo and missiles over there , so they can use them on us, whose side are you on? First thing you need Obama is a screwdriver cause you have a lot of screws loose.

Puzzle. A police officer has a brother, but the brother has no brother. How can this be? The police officer was his sister.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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