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Vote no to fluoride

November 21, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

If you value your life, your children or your pets you will vote no on adding fluoride to our drinking water even though GPIWA would like for you to think it is safe. While the public has been assured of it's safety, in actuality, the Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that no chronic health studies have been done on this fluoride chemical (fluosilicic acid) so how can anyone say it is safe?

The National Research Council has completed a three year review of research on fluoride. Numerous adverse health risks were cited such as disruption of the nervous and endocrine systems (including the brain and thyroid), bone fractures, and joint pain. A recently published Harvard study concluded that there is a seven-fold risk in bone cancer, among young boys after exposure to fluoridated water. This study may have implication for dogs since bone cancer, is the most common bone tumor diagnosed in dogs in the U.S. Thyroid disease is extremely common in cats, so they may be at risk from chronic fluoride poisoning.

If you try to boil your water it compounds the fluoride. You could buy bottled water for your family and pets, but fluoride is absorbed through the skin when bathing, so I doubt you could buy enough bottled water for all your needs. Systems to remove the fluoride from the water can be quite expensive, and why should we have to go that expense, when we already have great water?

Since people and their pets drink different amounts of fluoridated water, eat many foods that contain fluoride, the dose cannot be controlled. Some dog and cat foods are processed with fluoridated water therefore the animals are getting slammed with fluoride.

Also, while getting petitions signed for Citizens for Safe Water, I cam across people on this island suffering from severe thyroid problems, kidney problems and allergies to fluoride. These people cannot afford to buy a water system to take the fluoride back out of the water so what are they supposed to do, just let the fluoride kill them. Where is the empathy of GPIWA? Is the greed of a $63,000 grant worth the lives of people and our precious pets?

Please visit our website (scroll part way down the page, to the 4th video on left side and watch the video). You will see what fluoridated water did to horses and dogs in Colorado. There is a lot of other good information on the site also.

Come on friends and neighbors lets do the right thing and vote no!

Fran Wolford

St. James City



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