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Fluoridation of community water supplies

November 21, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

What do brushing, flossing and drinking from the tap have in common? All three could save you an unwanted trip to the dentist chair.

Fluoridation of community drinking water is currently under review by the Greater Pine Island Water Association. As licensed Florida dentists, we felt compelled to express our support for this important program.

Adding fluoride to our community water supplies is the single most effective, safe and economical way to prevent dental decay among our citizens, regardless of their age or socio-economic status. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention calls fluoridation "one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century."

And, at a time when our patients and other citizens of Pine Island and Lee County are concerned about rising costs - including those for dental services - fluoridation actually saves money when compared to the cost of dental treatment. In fact, the average lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a water system is less than the cost of one dental filling.

We urge you to vote yes on your ballot from the Greater Pine Island Water Association in support of this important prevention measure. Fluoridating our community water supply gives everyone in Pine Island something to smile about.

Lee County Dental Society Executive Council

Dr. Denise Oakes Lottridge

Dr. Cynthia Deragon

Dr. Michele Laboda

Dr. Ron Luke

Dr. Jennifer Taschner

Dr. William Truax, III

Dr. Nicholas Dundee

Dr. Sudhanshu Desai

Dr. Ken Jandik

Dr. Oliver Favalli

Dr. William Truax, II

Dr. Ryan Donovan



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