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The Obama tyranny continues - four more years

November 14, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

What went wrong? Can it be that many people in this country still believe in president Obama? How can this be? With record high numbers in debt, unemployment, fuel costs, food costs, poverty and lives lost in Obama's wars ... it be! Logical minds would have thought that this administration would have come to an end, but it did not. The American people wanted four more years of all this. It is amazing! The seemingly illogical dominate our voting population now. For me this is a worst case scenario. For my neighbors this is relief. I heard it said at the bank yesterday, "We are so relieved that Obama won." Wow. I'm not seeing that at all. How does insolvency make one feel relieved? I suppose Obama's plan to grow the economy by "investing" more in teachers is truly needed because if insolvency makes people feel relieved then no one can do math, so yes let's get people educated quickly!

Lesson 101: When you voluntarily hand over your freedoms for so-called security you get and deserve neither. Lesson 102: The government does not make money, it takes money. Takes it in the form of regulations and taxation. Hand-outs/socialism can only work when there is other people's money to take. You didn't really think your S.S. and pension checks were coming from your own personal solvent account somewhere, did you? LOL.

Dawn Shevlin

St. James City



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