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Multiple concerns stated, ignored

November 7, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I was at a meeting recently of the people who were concerned over the Pine Island water board's decision to put fluoride in the drinking water that we will have to drink. There have been a multitude of concerns over the harm that this can cause all of us. We have been addressing the problems for a number of weeks in any way we can. The water board continues to think that the water is safe, no matter what!

There was a mention made about the effect of it on young children, which can cause great problems to them. Then, someone mentioned pets! I have a miniature Boston terrier who weighs about 16 pounds. I began to realize what an effect the water would have on her. She drinks a lot of water. So, I would have to buy bottled water to assure that she would be safe. How many readers have considered what effect this would have on cats, horses, all kinds of animals that would have to ingest the water? Not only that, we would all be forced to bathe in fluoridated water, as well as all the animals. All our plants would be watered in the same water. It will be everywhere. We should not have to worry about having to have it in our lives at all.

Did you know the product is going to come from Spain? How about that! It won't even be a product from our country. Please let everyone know that we don't want our water polluted. It is just fine as it is and should remain the same.

Kathryn Pruett

St. James City



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