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Politicians are still evading the questions

October 31, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Watching the debates, we can plainly see what kind of idiots are running this country and they're the cream of the crop. God help us. Don't they realize how silly they look and sound? They all excel at evading questions. They probably should have started out running a lemonade stand before they tried running a country.

Let's see, should we support countries overseas or should we let U.S. citizens starve to death. Yeah, that takes an executive decision.

Have you noticed how shows like "American Idol," "America's Got Talent," "X Factor" went from a musical or talent show to a talk show? Are they trying to bore us to death?

With the country going belly up, there are departments giving raises. What's wrong with this picture? They're lucky to have a job. If anything they should be taking a cut in pay but then common sense doesn't apply to politicians. And how about Colorado trying to legalize drugs. Good example for the kids. After spending billions telling us how bad drugs are, then come up with this is ridiculous. That's probably where free trade comes in between South America and the mob. Can you imagine the accidents; people hospitalized, insurance rates going up, suicides, mind-boggling. Only in America.

People with 15, 20 or more convictions out on the street for selling drugs that says a lot for our justice system doesn't it?

If an ant falls off the kitchen counter to the floor, is that the equivalent to the guy that free falls 24 miles. Remember the ant doesn't have a parachute. Run that through your computer. God bless.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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