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Some things for the ‘undecideds’ to consider

October 24, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The presidential election is upon us, and there are still people "undecided." Let me just point out one thing to those people. Mitt Romney and President Obama both graduated from Harvard's Law School. Romney had a dual degree, and graduated with a masters in business administration! Obama went on to work in politics, community organizer, etc. Romney went on to a successful career in business, became a multi-millionaire (since when is that a crime), turned the Olympics organization around, and finally brought his talents to politics.

If there was ever a time this country needed a businessman/woman at the helm, it is now. What he is not saying openly is still, nevertheless, true. He knows the top business people in the country, people who are holding back on growing their organizations due to not trusting this government's policies. If Romney is elected, those people will be able to relax their grip on the controls, and start the building, expanding and opening of countless businesses. Jobs will be created.

All I ask those undecideds is to think about this. And it wouldn't hurt if some of the Obama faithful gave it a moment's thought, too.

Thank you.

Eileen Rowan VMD



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