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My response to political endorsement letters

October 24, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

In response to Phil Buchanan and Noel Andress' political endorsements on behalf of PI. When I read the titling of "Constitutional Amendments" as being "un-democratic," I thought it was important to get one thing straight and accurate once and for all.

That is that the U.S.A. is not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic and our rocess of governing is done democratically. A democracy of governing simply means being tolerant of others' beliefs, being humane and civilized and hearing all sides of discussions on issues that effect all people. That is all democracy really means. A constitutional republic is a government that is of or relating to the constitution of a state or society. Democracy is the way we enforce our constitutional republic.

Our Constitution does not say you have to pay for your neighbor, that is what democrats say. Our Constitution gives people the right to pursue happiness through freedom, but you must catch the happiness yourself. No one else can do that for you and if they say they will, you will not be as happy as if you did it yourself and you will owe them a lot more then it is worth. Because no one knows what is best for you except you.

Force through democratic beliefs is not what our Constitution of law endorses and so those who vote Democratic this election are voting to change America to socialism or worse. Let's face it folks, the blue team wants government to tell you what is best for you and the red team wants you to decide for yourself. It is that simple. One size does not fit all. Whatever happened to "have it your way?" Burger King made a fortune on that statement because America wants choices not force through mandates and the like. This coming election is easily explained as a vote for the red guys is to uphold the Constitution of law and a vote for the blue guys is a vote to re-write that document. That is it in a nutshell and that is what you are voting for on Nov. 6.

All endorsements made by Phil Buchanan and Noel Andress' letter are for the blue team members, and just for the record, they are all very nice people, but they support and promote socialism, which America is not and the representatives we elect are hired to uphold the Constitution not socialism.

Jim Roach endorses ObamaCare government healthcare mandate. He claims to have read all 2,700 pages of it and agrees with it, thinks it is a good thing. Well that should be enough right there to not elect him to our U.S. Congress when 75 percent of American citizens do not want that healthcare mandate and an elected member of Congress is supposed to do what the people want. That is their job. We pay them, we hire them and we will fire them if they do not listen to we the people.

Sorry Jim, I enjoyed meeting you, but no one wants government run healthcare because the government's track record on running a business is worthless, bankrupt, insolvent and unaccountable to true human needs. That is not good for PI, not good for FL and certainly not good for America. I endorse Trey Radel for U.S. Congress and Romney/Ryan for the presidency. That is what will be good for PI, FL and America. I guess the blue team has forgotten the fact that most of the middle class is still looking for jobs, still struggling in this recession, still losing their homes and their businesses. So how on earth will they be able to pay a healthcare mandate, tax, fine policy without taking the money from some other place in their budgets? How does that happen Jim Roach? Love to know the plan for that one.

Dawn Shevlin

St. James City



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