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More to think about

October 17, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

You notice our troops are still in Afghanistan and they're probably still training their troops to kill our troops. Of course, the election is more important then some measly American servicemen. Pure madness.

Now let's take the money that's being paid for this election, plus the money that we're sending over to Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and put it in the general fund. Now remember the donors expect to get paid back at least tenfold for their donations either in favors or money. I know the ads are interfering with me watching the "Rifleman" and "Bonanza." That should be a tax loop hole right there.

Back to reality, think of all the fatherless kids in the nation and what it's costing us. Some guys admit to having 10 or more kids with different girls. If they're not paying child support, there should be a severe penalty. They're draining the Welfare system with no end in sight.

Languages on products. Get real. If I was planning to become a citizen of a country, I would learn the language before I entered the country. It's costing us mega bucks for the language on products, plus all interpreters. Make it a requirement for citizenship to know English, so it's not such a burden to U.S. Americans.

I approve of this message.

Tip your hat to a veteran today, especially one like Dick Thomas who does so much for veterans. God Bless him.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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