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Obama’s time is up

October 17, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I'll be the first one to say out load that Romney was not talking about the elderly "over 55" in the 47 percent. He was talking about the "low-lifers" out there that have learned to count on and play the government. They learned from their mothers and grandmothers, etc.

Example: My daughter was in 7th grade, was asked by another girl, "Hey, how many kids do you have?" My daughter said none of course. "Why?" The other girl said, "My mama said if I start having babies young, I will never have to work." Upon graduation this other girl had five kids at the age of 18.

That's what Romney was talking about! You are really missing the message here! All these distractions and the lies are purposely put out there, so the real issues at hand, like the deficit, terrorists attacks, killings of our soldiers and ambassadors, will go unnoticed or thrown out! What an insult.

People are idolizing Obama as they did Clinton! What an embarrassment he was for the United States! Clinton was having parties and sleepovers in the White House while our own intelligence was trying to get him to focus and eliminate Osama Bin Laden.

Obama was partying in Vegas and Hollywood after our embassy in Libya and Egypt were being burned and our ambassador killed, collecting campaign money. No compassion shown at all!

We need a president who can build the morale up and put God back in the United States of America.

Go see the movie 2016. Get caught up in the real world. Obama had his chance. No hope and no change! He even said, "If I can't fix it in four years, I will be a one-term president." Obama's time is up! Get out and vote Nov. 6, 2012 Romney/Ryan.

Sandy Pleake

St. James City



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