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Regarding the ‘Getting Your Facts Straight’ letter

October 3, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I read with dismay the letter from Mr. Tulanowski regarding "Getting Your Facts Straight." It always amazes me that people who would do wrong or hurtful things feel they can justify them under the law. According to the law, I can shoot and kill someone that I feel is presenting a hazard to me. Legal? Maybe. Right? Of course not! The defense of the lady in the original story didn't seem justified, since although she obviously was not a caring person, it didn't seem that she was demonized, but only that facts were presented for us all to make our own judgments. I'll bet even Lizzie Borden was loved by many!

Anyway, to make sure that the laws are understood correctly, the law and section quoted is out of context. The presentation and purpose of the entire ordinance is to prevent packs of dogs from harassing children, especially at a school. I really can't remember when I have ever seen a pack of cats, feral or otherwise harassing children in a school yard, can you? Cats do keep us safe from rodents, and rodents are surely present in Tropic Park as they are throughout Florida, and the world. The government does not trap any animals unless they are considered dangerous, and that usually is large reptiles or bears, and lions.

Lee County has altered its stance of the feral cat population and now supports a TNR or Trap, Neuter and Release program. This has now been in effect for several years. The cats are neutered, vaccinated against disease and rabies, and released back to the wild after being microchipped. If they are displaced (moved, etc.), they (through the microchip) are returned to their original location. I have cats myself and also care for several feral cats who are vaccinated, fed and even receive flea medicine. Obviously, Mr. Tulanowski would rather a harsh relocation program (Hey, maybe concentration camps could be set up!) than to accomplish something constructive. Perhaps a more positive approach would also be a more humane approach! I would also say that I would be quite upset to find that any of my cats were trapped and relocated or otherwise "disposed of."

Frank K Wilson

Pine Island



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