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Cost of filtration systems in the home

October 3, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

We have been told by GPIWA management that after the initial costs of installation and start-up, fluoridation will cost about $3,000 per year, well that's pretty cheap. But, what are the real costs? What are the costs to the water customers? What if you don't want hydrofluorsillic acid any where near your home much less in your drinking water?

Well you can use bottled water, but it's pretty hard to bathe with bottled water and it's not cheap. You might drill your own well, but that's really expensive. You can't use faucet and shower head filters because they don't make them. Your Brita filter won't do the job. Now there are filters that will clean up your drinking water for approximately $250 after installation, but that doesn't solve the bathing problem and filters elements are expensive. Add another $100 per year. There are whole house filters that start at about $1,000 and go up to $3,000 per unit. Now you've got something that will work for you. Good for the clean water, and bathing. Good for the plants and the pets and helps keep your family healthy.

But lets add up the costs. There are about 6,000 meters which means 6,000 customers plus the community's that are on one meter. If only 1/6 of the homes purchase whole house filters that's about 1,000 units at an initial cost of $1 million. Just guessing, but lets add 1,000 countertop filters to that list. That's another $250,000. Now we are up to $1.25 million plus the $65,000 GPIWA has spent. That's $1,315,000. That's a lot of dollars to waste on this illegal venture just to add a toxic fluoride, so that young children can risk the onset of dental fluorosis.

I won't even attempt to measure the cost in medical expenses that will be the result of this fraudulent project, and how does one measure the pain and suffering of the diseases and hardship that will show up not tomorrow, but in a few years or in one's life time?

Does this board realize that less than 1/2 percent of this treated water will be consumed by young children? That means there is a lot of fluoride being dumped into the environment. You say that children's teeth are your main concern, well I don't believe it. There has to be another reason, another incentive. When will we find out what it is?

Please sign our two petitions to stop fluoridation that are located at the following businesses; Captain Cons, The Grab Bag, Jug Creek Marina, Dr. Watson's Liquor Store, Farm and Garden Center, Salon L A, St James General Store.

Jack Mills

St. James City



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