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Objecting to a neighbor’s remarks

September 26, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I take umbrage with my Matlacha neighbor's remarks. The Eagle is very fair at printing letters on various issues. Prior to coming to Florida, I was a city council woman in a city that had nonpartisan elections. Whoever got the most votes won. Our council consisted of an independent (me), a constitutionalist, a Democrat and Republican. We worked well together as we worked for the people not the government.

We were registered independents when we came to Florida. Then we found out we didn't have open primaries, had to change our registration to vote on an important position which affected us locally.

I have only two points to make to my neighbor. If you ever rented a car, bought an airline ticket, taken out a mortgage, opened bank accounts, you have to have a picture ID. Therefore having one to vote is not asking too much. Those governors you speak about have lowered the unemployment rate and balanced budgets in their respective states.

Many of the wealthiest people in our country have been in political office. To name a few Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry (may I remind you he moored his yacht in another state to avoid the taxes in his own), one of our best presidents, John Kennedy, and the entire Kennedy clan. Remember Joseph Kennedy made his fortune bootlegging and they didn't hold that against President Kennedy. President Reagan was also wealthy and I'm sure there are plenty of wealthy Republicans in office, too.

So I ask my neighbor, how is Mr. Romney's tax returns going to lower the deficit, get the 23 million people that are either out of work or underemployed or manage to get Congress to vote on a budget which is required by law. I rest my case.

Donna Loibl




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