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Where did we go wrong?

September 26, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I hope you noticed that we're not the United States anymore. Haven't been for quite some time. The polls will back that up. Where did we go wrong? It's like our country is on the endangered list. Lost respect all over the world. Our education rating is way down the list. Murders are being released early. Pornography is allowed on the internet and TV. On and on. But who is accountable? Where does the buck stop? Are our officials doing anything besides collecting their paychecks?

We are lambs being led to the slaughter not by a shepherd, but by shysters. The funny thing is we have nobody to complain to. That's honest and they know it. They have us right where they want us. Any solutions out there?

Well the mob isn't happy owning the state of New Jersey. Now they want to own the lottery too. Their word is privatize. Can't you just visualize the governor of New Jersey dealing blackjack in Atlantic City and a guy with a bent nose picking the lottery numbers. Well enough of that. Picture a plant in the same condition. We'll call one democrat, the other republican.

Now in between the two plants picture a new bud arising, breaking through the soil full of live and vigor, ready to enter the world and give whatever benefits it can. We'll call it the third party. Which in real life is essential to break ties in arguments and discussions. As it is now we know that one candidate is wrong and one is right. Third party might solve that.

When you're surrounded by evil, over the years it tends to rub off but the new bud like a new baby is completely innocent. Just food for though.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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