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Here’s my opinion

September 19, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Your letters to the editor section states, "We want your opinion." I want to know why your paper seems to only print letters that are from the extreme right. A quality newspaper should be non-partisan and print views from both sides equally.

I am particularly bothered by remarks in the Aug. 29 issue by a lady in Matlacha. She states in her article, "Typical Chicago Politics," how during a primary presidential election she as a volunteer poll watcher observed the Democratic poll watchers conducting unorthodox maneuvers concerning what was going on at that polling place. I guess she is willing to look the other way from the fact that a number of states with Republican governors have instituted laws and policies to make it difficult, if not impossible, for a considerable part of the electorate to vote. It's interesting that statistics show what these disfranchised people tend to vote Democratic. As Bill Clinton said in his speech in Charlotte last Thursday night, "there they go again." The bottom line is this when the Republicans don't think they are going to win, they either cheat, or as they are now in Congress, the party of "no."

Lastly the lady states that President Obama thinks the more he dodges issues the better off he is. Well I say to that comment, when is Mr. Romney going to let us see what is in his tax return? What is he afraid of?

William Ridolf




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