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Fluoride – we are being stonewalled

September 19, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The Board Members of The Greater Pine Island Water Association have taken the stance that, regardless of how much solid information against water fluoridation has been made available to them, they are moving forward. They say they have done their own research and will implement the fluoridation program at will. They continue to hide behind the web sites of the American Dental Association, which is not a federal agency, but an independent association representing the dental industry, and the Center for Disease Control. No long-term scientific studies have been done by either the ADA or the CDC on the viability of fluoridation or the physical or mental side effects, The Federal Drug Administration has labeled hydroflurosillic acid, the form of fluoride to be injected, a non-approved drug and the Environmental Protection Agency has been sued by over 1,200 of their own scientists over fluoridation.

What does that tell you about their research?

They have repeatedly refused to call a special meeting to discuss this matter or to hold a membership vote even after receiving over 100 petitions asking them to do so. There has not been proper notice of meeting agenda or access to committee meetings or workshops. They have left the membership in the dark. Now I understand that total transparency is not feasible, but there has been little attempt to keep the membership informed or included in this very important health decision. Considering all of the above, I have to wonder what is the driving force behind this decision? There has to be another reason to ram rod this through. GPIWA was incorporated in 1965, 47 years ago, so why now when other cities and countries are stopping the practice. We know that the U.S. and Florida Health Departments are pushing it because of the $63,000.00 grant, but that is suppose to be spent on expenses. The directors are volunteers so will see no monetary gain. The banking industry is represented on the board along with Realtors, but I certainly don't see any benefit there. Certification shouldn't be an issue as there are no state or federal mandates at this time. With the widening of Pine Island Road, Cape Coral could be a player as they have purchased land there. Could there be a utilities conflict or expansion agenda?

I don't know the answer so someone please enlighten me. Call the board members, get answers, let me know if you do.

Jack Mills

St. James City



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