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Mr. President, Americans built America

September 5, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

President Obama must have forgotten that back in the horse and buggy days when pioneers crossed this country there were no roads. Wagon trains made a path (not a road) for people to follow to the next stop for supplies. Later after Gen. Eisenhower returned from Germany and became president he brought the concept of the "Audubon" and gave us interstate highways. All built by tax dollars.

Back in the '70s, the only ones that helped us start our own business was ourselves. Most of our clients were in walking distance. Besides our business, I drove a truck so I guess I'd have to thank the government for those roads I drove over for 18 years. Oh, wait, large and small businesses and the working pubic paid taxes, which, in turn, gave the government the funds to build those roads.

In a way, we were like "Bain." Through the years besides building a business from scratch, we bought a few small businesses that were not doing too well and made them profitable. It's called doing without until the pennies turn a profit. Also newscasters trashed Romney for holding a mortgage on a house in Texas. We've done that, too. Have these news people lived in cage and never heard of "private mortgages?"

All this time I thought it was saving our money, putting in long hours, blood, sweat and tears and hard work that made a business a success. Now I find out that "I didn't do that" and I need to thank someone else. Most of the time government doesn't help they hinder by too many rules, regulations and delays and we pay these people.

My point is Americans built America and survived through wars, good and hard times. Our president never built a business on his own maybe that is where he got the idea nobody else did either.

Thanks President Obama for enlightening me to facts. Does this mean I have "evolved?"

Joseph Loibl




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