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Typical Chicago politics

August 27, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

My husband and I were born and raised in Chicago. We lived there throughout the first "Mayor Daley" era. As dirty as politics were under Daley - President Obama and his surrogates have taken it to the extreme. Never discuss the problem just throw mud. We were registered independents. One year I volunteered to be a poll watcher at a presidential primary election. All morning the Democratic poll watchers said that I could go home as they had everything covered. True, they had city workers outside the polling place passing out cards with who to vote for as people went into the polls. Half the time they did not check the lists to see if the people voting were registered. This was in the old days of "voting booths" where you pulled levers. Signs were all up in front of the building - even if you called the city to complain they would say: "OK, we'll check it out" ... NOT.

Needless to say, distorting the truth, protecting your own is a typical Chicago tactic. Did you ever wonder why the states controlled both citywide and statewide by Democrats are always in the red? I don't remember one year that Chicago was not in the "hole" as far a budgets went. My husband was a truck driver on night shift and he saw the city spreading salt in rainy weather to get rid of it so they could get a full allocation for the next year. Unfortunately, the following month we had a surprise snow storm and guess what - we had no salt.

In another city we lived in I questioned the City Council as to why they had to spend all the money even if we didn't need the items they wanted to spend it on. Their response was that in order to get the allocations from the state they could not "save money' from one year to the other, otherwise they would receive less from the state. Shows what intellect we have running our cities and towns.

Maybe President Obama thinks the more he spends the more he can get from us taxpayers. Maybe he thinks the more he dodges the issues and throws mud the more people won't realize how bad of shape our economy is actually in.

Donna Loibl




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