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Water fluoridation lowers intelligence

August 27, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Hey stupid. Yeah, fluoride backers - I'm talking to you because you'd have to be missing brain cells to think this poison is good for you. I mean that literally, because fluoride makes people flat-out D-U-M-B, and the latest research proves it again. This new look at 27 studies on fluoride and brain development finds that kids in areas with high levels of water fluoridation have lower IQs than those in areas with little to no fluoridation. The more fluoride in the water the dimmer the kids. It's more effective than dropping them on their heads - and so clearly disruptive to intelligence that the authors of the study say that fluoride belongs in the same class as lead, mercury and other brain-rotting metals. This is usually where fluoride backers jump up and down and scream about how this kind of research is done by radicals with an ax to grind and publish in extremist journals. Sometimes that is even true (but that doesn't make it automatically wrong).

I'd love to see them try to make that argument this time, because the new study was conducted by the "radicals" at Harvard University and published in "Environmental Health Perspective," an "extremist journal from the U.S. National Institute of Environ-mental Health Services.

I hope someone in D.C. is paying attention, because we've spent decades dumping fluoride into the water without studying it. In fact, there have been virtually no major human studies on the long-term effects of water fluoridation conducted here in the United States. Amazing isn't it. As a result, most of the 27 studies in the new analysis were from China, where a number of communities have naturally high levels of fluoride in the groundwater. In other words, they have some strong firsthand experience over there and because of that experience they refuse to add fluoride to their own water but they'll sell us as much of this toxic brain rotting chemical as we're willing to buy.

Isn't it ironic? We get up in arms when they send us toys laced with lead, but we pay them for fluoride.

This article was copied verbatim from an e-letter "Daily Dose" with

Dr. William Campbell Douglas. Copyright by New Market Health Publishing.

Ref; "Environmental Health Perspective" Harvard University Review

Another extremely revealing review is presented by Mary Sparrowdancer from her 2003 book "The Battle of Darkness and Light." This is an interesting 31-page revelation about the corruption that engulfs our medical bureaucracies in Washington, D.C. Search at Rense.Com. - the battle of darkness and light.

Jack Mills

St. James City



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