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I am a citizen for safe water

August 22, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Mr. Ron Parker wants a public education campaign - Well! Nothing, but good information, he says. Well!

As a small boy, every year my mother took me to the dentist. Four or five cavities this year. Mom said, brush better - I did. Four cavities next year; and so on it went. Then fluoride was added to the water: over the objection of the anti-science or science with anti-government views.

Every town, every city that added fluoride saw dental health improve. For over 40 years fluoride in water has saved billions of dollars for parents; saving teeth and endless drilling not out of the teeth. And, where are the side effects? If there were any, the wing-nuts on media would have been all over it for 40 years. Mr. Parker is 30 to 40 years late.

We now in America have a growing anti-science fringe. It's all about using science to suggest anti-government views.

Lets look back at views shared by many over the years.

Smoking doesn't cause cancer. Self-service gas will destroy America (certainly the stations). Medicare will destroy America. Women have smaller size brain - men must be smarter. The earth is the center of the universe. The earth is flat. National parks should not be - the land should be developed.

Yes, there is lots more anti-science, what caution does to heat us up, but let me add another area where the anti-government, anti-science group have gone.

Let's let big oil plus big banks police themselves. No government please.

Let's let deer hunters have hundred round clips to kill deer - well, all hunting.

What we in America should wonder about is why in Russia, Brazil and the U.S.A. in all three countries the 2 percent job creators own 70 percent of everything. Maybe they should pay 70 percent of all taxes. Listen to the talk shows - paid for and owned by the rich. What do you hear? Why raise taxes on the poor and middle class and lower taxes on the rich.

We, my friends, are becoming a nation of wing-nuts.

I suggest that if you want to have it better:

1. Stop drinking all alcoholic beverages.

2. Lower sugar intake (pops, candy, cakes, etc.)

3. Stop smoking.

4. Eat more greens - less meat.

5. Use real care when taking pills - don't go to pill mills.

6. Get rid of fat - your fat.

7. Try helping your fellow man.

And put fluoride in the water. Remember Jesus helped the poor, fed the hungry - healed the sick. Jesus saved people with problems. He never found lazy people.

Terence Thompson

Cape Coral



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