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August 15, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

None of the agencies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or any other U.S. Federal Agency accepts responsibility for the safety of fluoridation. This includes the EPA, CDC or FDA. And now, the Greater Pine Island Water Company Board is willing to accept that responsibility - liability. I think the board needs to look at what that liability means.

Fluoride in drinking water isn't safe - certainly not for children (we don't have that many on P.I.) and not for an aging population and we are mostly that on this island. Fluoride causes brittle bones, i.e. hip fractures and the like. Also it is linked to rheumatism, etc. How many of you have joints that just don't work as they used to. Most of us have lived in communities that fluoridated their water and we are now paying for it in our health. It takes years for problems to come to light. I have met many people who say that they feel so much better living on P.I., weather is part of that and I believe the other part is non-fluoridated water.

In 2006 the National Research Council's review on fluoride in drinking water reported that fluoride was associated with damage to the teeth, bone, brain, endocrine system and has been linked to possible bone cancer. Since that report evidence has emerged of lowered I.Q. associated with exposure to fluoride and increased osteosarcoma in boys who drink fluoridated water in the 6th to 8th years of life.

If this isn't enough info to make citizens of Pine Island not want their water fluoridated then continue reading for yourselves. Two books "The Case Again Fluoride" and "The Fluoride Deception" (available at the library).

One other thought. China is selling its fluoride to the U.S., shipped in solid form and some water departments are having a problem completely dissolving it and there is an unidentified sludge. Even though this substance can't be identified, a CDC engineer has said it is "safe." You figure it out. There aren't a lot of things "safe" from China.

Kathleen Soronen

St. James City



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