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A good island history book and more ...

August 8, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

For those of you that want to learn more about our island, may I suggest, "Pine Island the Forgotten Island," by Elaine Jordan. An excellent book starting with the birth of Pine Island up to the present time. Indians, pirates, celebrities, the whole smear. Did you know there was a 50-room hotel in St. James City or a hemp factory in St. James City? Tarpon fishing had a lot to do with the expansion of the island. Tons of information in it so give it a try.

I bought one years ago, then lent it to a friend, forgot who the friend was and ended up checking it out of the good ole Pine Island Library. It can be bought at the Pine Island Museum.

Why not let the Matlacha Bridge stay as an emergency road for hurricanes or other disasters and also for fishermen? Seems cheaper.

Remember when mischief meant ringing doorbells and running, throwing toilet paper over houses and trees. Now we have campus murders, "Batman" premiere shootings. Do you think the government will ever see the link between the shooting and the violence we see on the TV and Internet? Want to learn how to make a bomb, look it up on the Internet. How to pick a lock, look it up on the Internet and on and on.

The government has no clue since they lack morals. How would they know? Naturally the kids see the violence every day on TV. Murders, sex and crime. So it becomes a way of life. Worse then, that is the way the media glorifies the crime encouraging copycats to outdo the previous crime. No news is good news in a case like that. Contact the involved families and let it go at that.

Censorship is needed at all levels - most profanity words are not in the dictionary so cannot be considered in the freedom of speech.

The ones against censorship are making lots of money with their trash.

Ever go to a local gun show in the area. You don't have to go inside. You can buy anything you want right in the parking lot. People walk around the lot with prices on their guns, no paperwork, just the gold old almighty buck. I'd like to see the church of the almighty buck, it gets bigger every day.

Well, my attendant in the white jacket is appearing, ready to give me shock treatments. Hope to talk to you again. Bye.

Ralph Brookhart




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