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Elect Cathleen Morgan to Lee County School Board

July 25, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

Letter to the editor:

While I admire both Phil Buchanan and Noel Andress, I have to disagree with only one of their political choices. I cannot support Les Cochran for school board. Cathleen Morgan is my choice and has the support of retiring School Board member Jane Kuckel, who I have worked with on issues and appreciate her intelligent decisions. Mr. Cochran thinks we need to build more schools and has support from the building industry. The same building industry that tried to stop us from instituting school impact fees in Lee County in the late 1990s saying it would increase the price of a new home and slow down some of the purchases.

Without impact fees the burden of building new schools falls on us, the taxpayers. The building industry recently lobbied successfully to put impact fees on hold because of the economy. Who would you rather have pay for new schools, you or the new home builders? Do you choose to subsidize the building industry? They were not the only ones hurt in the recession. In this economy we should not be expanding the school system and paying for more staff, maintenance and principals. Plus, I am told by the teachers that more school buildings are not needed just improved management of the resources we have.

Cathleen Morgan has a financial background with 18 years on Wall Street, has an MBA in corporate finance and a masters in education and has prior school board experience in New York. She is currently chair of the Lee County School District Finance Advisory Committee. Please give her consideration. Check out her website at

Kathy Malone

Council of Civic Associations, Inc.



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