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Fluoride — open letter from a member of the GPIWA

July 18, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I'm sorry, but I am not buying what Mr. Thatcher is selling. There are so many holes in his letter you could drive a truck through it. He says the research shows no evidence-based reasons for changing your decision. Why does the board not feel that an EPA-sponsored study by the NRC qualifies as an "evidence-based reason" since this report was specifically cited by Ron Parker when he met with Mr. Thatcher and Mr. Faulkner. He again states that fluoride is a nutrient. Fluoride supporters use this statement to deceive everyone into believing that fluoride works internally. The truth is that fluoride only works when it is applied to the surface of the teeth. Once swallowed, it has no effect on the teeth, and can only serve to cause harm to the rest of the body. The Food and Drug Administration states "Fluoride is a drug - not a mineral nutrient!" The National Institute of Dental Research, Bethesda, Md., states, "Fluoride has not been approved to be an essential for the proper functioning of either osseous (bones) or dental tissue, or any other body tissue or body function."

He cites "extensive studies of recognized scientific organizations" as the basis of his claim that fluoride is safe. Tell us what these studies are and where we can access them so we may also read them. I have tried to find a website that tells the benefits of fluoride in drinking water and the only hit I got was by a fluoride company that sells the stuff.

The board was asked to produce copies of any studies they had done, but they had nothing to show us. He claims that the fluoride that they will put into our water is not a toxic waste produce. Are you saying, Mr. Thatcher, that the refined fluoride product that will be placed in our drinking water is not the refined product of a base industrial waste? If they truly believe that this is the best thing for everyone, why has it taken so long to approach the subject. Why not 10, 20 or even 30 years ago? Just wondering!

Sodium fluoride is a prescription drug. When the board members who voted to add fluoride to our water supply they illegally prescribed, and intend to force dangerous medication on all members of the GPIWA. This long-term drug program has been initiated without diagnosis and without consideration for the individual differences and weaknesses, allergies or inability to handle this dangerous, even deadly poison, they have prescribed. They have not asked permission of the people to prescribe and treat them, and they do not have a medical license to prescribe and treat. The Board of Directors of GPIWA are dealing with a dangerous drug. They have violated our constitutional rights, which guarantees protection of person and property; and they have violated the medical statues of prescribing, treating and practicing medicine without a license, thereby breaking the law.

Fellow members of the GPIWA, please go to our web site, and check out the information we have for you. We will soon have a newsletter also that you can access from the website. We will to keep you informed on up-to-the-minute developments with our ongoing battle. Don't hesitate to do your own research also. If you find something we should know about, please let us know. We are determined to see that the board of directors will do the right thing in the end and keep our water as pure and safe as it has always been.

Jamie Richard

St. James City



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