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Peaceful island

July 18, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Can someone please tell me why we need 6-8 sheriff cars on our 17-mile-long island per shift at any given time?

As a 13-year resident of Pine Island, I've seen Pine Island undergo many changes, some positive, and some not so positive. Back in the day, we had one or two sheriff deputies on Pine Island per shift and it worked out quite well for all.

After Hurricane Charley hit us, things were never the same, police wise. Also, an elderly woman wrote to your paper complaining there was not enough police presence on our island! These two events seemed to open the floodgates insofar as their presence is concerned.

We islanders are a hardy and self-sufficient people who in the past have voted down a "red light" at our center, now allowing golf carts on our bike paths, no extra chemicals in our water, etc.

It has also been rumored that if you can make it over the "Car Strangled Spanner" (bridge) without shooting sparks off your doors and fenders, you've passed your DUI test.

No offense to the police, but how many do we need out here to serve and protect? On more than one occasion we've seen two and three sheriff cars stop elderly people in Matlacha, for instance.

Many of us feel that more police presence would be better served out in Lehigh Acres, for instance. Pine Islanders please now respond.

Donald Paulick




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