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Miracle needs another miracle

July 3, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

On Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Miracle was about 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old. She lived with her mother and probably some litter mates somewhere outside. She was a little explorer and thought it fun to climb up into the engine compartment of a car. She may have even thought it was a great place to take a nap. When the car started up she would have been terrified, but she managed to avoid all the moving parts and cling in place, for at least a mile maybe many miles. (Some kittens or cats have been known to survive for hundreds of miles in an engine compartment.)

Eventually the vehicle stopped moving briefly, so she probably started to climb down. But then the vehicle started moving again. She would have tried desperately to cling in place. But, she lost her grip and fell down out of the moving vehicle. She tumbled down and struck the roadway in the middle of a busy intersection tumbling and rolling uncontrollably out from under the moving vehicle, narrowly avoiding the wheels of the car as it turned through intersection.

As she managed to gain her feet she saw more vehicles coming straight at her. She dodged left, right, left and ran for her life. Narrowly escaping being struck by four more cars. When she reached a construction barrel just out of the main intersection she cowered behind it, exhausted and terrified.

But then she saw a mini-van driving across the intersection towards her. So she was off and running again. Out of the construction lanes, down into a ditch and into some weeds growing alongside of a construction/environmental protection barrier. Now a stranger was after her, chasing her and then stopping to stand almost on top of where she hid in the crushed weeds. She was so scared that she called desperately for her mother, alerting that stranger of where she crouched hidden. The stranger grabbed her. So she bit one of the knuckles holding her, and tried to scratch her way out of the hands. But that just caused the stranger to change her grip as Miracle was carried to that waiting mini-van.

I was the stranger in the mini-van, and saw Miracle tumble out from under the original car. So I know that most of this story is absolutely true. How she came to fall from under the vehicle is my logical speculation on what most likely occurred. I had to name her "Miracle" after witnessing all her narrow escapes. I even experienced a tiny miracle myself when the bite quickly healed without any infection.

It took three days before Miracle stopped fleeing and hissing every time anyone came near her. But right from the beginning if I picked her up and petted her long enough, she would eventually start purring. By day four, Miracle accepted me completely into her life and would cuddle up on my chest or shoulder as I reclined and would purr herself to sleep, sometimes kneading her tiny paws on my chin. Presently, she climbs up to cuddle every chance she gets, and even sleeps there though the night. The only thing she likes more than cuddling is playing and chasing toys.

Now, for the next miracle she needs: Miracle needs her own personal human to love and be loved by. and that person has to have no other cats and be willing to accept a kitten who has the FIV virus in her system. Feline immunodeficiency virus is the feline equivalent of HIV or AIDS. [* From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia* = FIV is the only non-primate lentivirus to cause an AIDS-like syndrome, but FIV is not typically fatal for cats, as they can live relatively healthily as carriers and transmitters of the disease for many years. -- A vigilant pet owner who treats secondary infections can assist an infected cat to live a reasonably long life. The chance that an FIV infected cat will pass the disease on to other cats within a household remains, and increases with serious fighting or biting. There is a quantifiable risk that cats living outside of a home can spread the disease to others and can also spread the disease in a group setting in a shelter. Cats living alone as a single pet, rarely left to roam free, pose a diminished risk.]

FIV poses no threat to humans or any non-feline pet!

My problem is that although I deeply love Miracle, I have two older cats that I also love. Where people can understand the risks and avoid exchanging fluids, cats can't understand this, so she endangers my other cats. In most shelters, cats testing positive for FIV are immediately euthanized, to avoid any risks to other cats. I'm told that there is a person who cares for a number of FIV cats and would most likely accept Miracle. But I'm hoping to find her a loving home where she would be an only cat and would be able to have her own personal human to cuddle with and love.

If you do not have any other cats, and would want a Miracle to love and be loved by, please send me an e-mail ( explaining who you are and what you could offer Miracle. She will need to be kept totally as an inside house pet and will always be more susceptible to illnesses than other cats. You must live within 60 miles of Fort Myers/Cape Coral)

Elida Byard



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