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Is it all right to break the law?

July 3, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

What part of the word illegal doesn't Obama understand? By definition with Webster's Dictionary it means "prohibited by law, against the law" Duh! Is he going to teach the population that it's all right to break the law? I can hear the do-gooders already; don't disrespect the president's office.

Well, respect isn't given away it has to be earned. He hasn't earned anything. He excels at vacationing and babbling.

We all know it's all about the vote with no regard for the welfare of our country.

So if everything goes right he'll have a permanent vacation.

Noticed that Smokey the Bear changed his motto. Probably because of a guilty conscious. Having stole an idea of a teenage boy back in the '40s by plagiarism. The company that handles Smokey is a prime example of how corrupt big business is. Used to watch Shark Tank (an investors show) till I found out they encourage overseas manufacturing.

Keep in mind, we'll have thousands of veterans coming home looking for jobs, so ask where it's made before you buy it.

God Bless.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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