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Matlacha needs own ZIP code

June 27, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

For many years residents of Matlacha and Matlacha Isles petitioned the postal authorities and government officials to help us get our own ZIP Code. Matlacha is not that big and it is divided by two ZIP Codes that are shared with Cape Coral - 33991 and 33993. Now I live on Island Avenue with a 33993 and Matlacha Isles is all 33991. My friend lives by Tropicana and Chiquita and she is 33993. This does not make sense. With the help of Commissioner (Bob) Janes we tried to plead with the postal authorities to make all of Matlacha 33993 and give those people in the Cape the 33991.

To no avail and extreme amount of research by the residents, we could not accomplish this. We produced evidence of smaller areas throughout the country that succeeded in keeping their identify with postal authorities. Meant nothing to ours. In turn, we have GPS that shows us as Cape Coral and a local Pine Island phone book that omits "all" Matlacha and Matlacha Isles resident in their phone books. They manage to include Matlacha businesses, but, of course, those are paying extra for the ads. Many of those business people live in Matlacha.

We as residents need to try again. We need to have our commissioners involved and legislators to help us retain our identity. People move, new people come in to the area but I have to keep a phone book from 2009 to look up Matlacha phone numbers. I am sure other businesses and residents around the island find it frustrating to look up a person and, gee, Matlacha is not included. We had the cooperation of our commissioner in the past I hope we can get cooperation and help in the future.

Donna & Joe Loibl




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