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It’s about fluoride

June 20, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Nobody's perfect:

But - you take the prize. It's about fluoride.

1. Why would you do this when the people who support our island are up north?

2. Why screw up a good thing?

3. Who's going to pay for this after two years? (We all know the answer to that.)

4. Were the people who own island property notified?

5. Why did you think the people on Pine Island were not smart enough to figure out someone had some poor quality fluoride they wanted to get rid of and make some money?

6. Get a grip people - We the people of the United States and Pine Island are fed up with losing our freedoms and having things jammed down our throats - like fluoride water.

7. We are all very disappointed in your plan and method of pushing it through.

Shirley Alling

St. James City and Plainwell, Mich.



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