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Fluoride is not needed to make our water safer

May 30, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I went to the board meeting of the Pine Island Water Association.

Adding fluoride to our water supply was on the agenda and about 10 concerned citizens showed up to voice their concerns. All were definitely against and got up and spoke about their concerns and what they had learned through research about the subject of adding fluoride to our water supply. There were many horror stories and many studies cited. When it was my turn, I pointed out that fluoride was not needed to make the water safer, and on this I'm sure everyone can agree, but its use was for health reasons because it is supposed to help strengthen the teeth of our children or so say the dentists. Anyway, since it doesn't make the water safer, it means that the board was actually deciding (in our own best interest) to add a drug to our water supply. To me, this is a moral issue, not a health issue.

Did they have any doubts about the use of this admittedly toxic chemical, which requires a HASMAT suited response if it accidentally spills and a lawsuit from our poor poisoned employee? If there was any doubt if this was a good idea, it seems the vote would naturally be NO.

Besides, when did we, the owners of our water system, decide it was the function of our Water Board to decide what drugs we should have for our own good? Should aspirin, good for the hearts of our aging population, be added? If we get a bit too rowdy maybe some Valium would be good for us. Things too quiet around here (because of the Valium), how about some caffeine, or B vitamins, maybe Viagra? Don't worry ladies, dosage can be controlled by water intake.

Where did this new power come from and how does it end?

Perhaps it could be presented to the patients to vote on? Not a chance. Your Water Board, in its benevolent wisdom, brought it to a voice vote and passed it overwhelmingly!

Drink to your future Pine Island. Remember, eight glasses a day is good for you.

Frank Schooley




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