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Fluoride to be added to Pine Island water

May 16, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor

At the Greater Pine Island Water Association annual meeting, it was announced that a grant to add fluoride to our drinking water was applied for at the request of the board of directors. I urge all residents to research the subject and decide for themselves if this is what we, as a community, want added to our water supply.

Who will monitor how much water each person drinks to control the fluoride dosage? It can be dangerous for infants or senior citizens, especially with kidney problems, to drink fluoridated water. Fluoride is available in toothpaste and in gels at the dentist's office to address tooth decay issues in children. However, independent studies have shown that children's tooth decay has more to do with economics than fluoridation with poorer families having more tooth decay regardless if the water is fluoridated or non-fluoridated.

I can afford to install a reverse osmosis whole house water filter (faucet filters will not remove fluoride) that will remove the fluoride but what about people who cannot. If you care, please contact GPIWA at 283-1071 or attend the May 22 board meeting at 3 p.m. at the water company offices, 5281 Pine Island Road.

You can research all of this information yourself by typing "Fluoridation of water supply" into "Google" The Wikipedia website also presents pro-fluoridation, anti-fluoridation and neutral arguments on this subject.

Kathy Malone



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