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‘Families and Freedom and Fairness’ a bait and switch petition

May 2, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Beware! The flyer/petition "Families for Freedom and Fairness" that was mailed to us is a bait and switch. Pine Island would loose representation with Lee County and not gain it as the flyer claims. Right now we vote for all five commissioners and each one is careful not to incur the wrath of our community.

Under the revised proposal we would vote for only three out of the seven total commissioners. Only those three would have to be considerate of our interests. The four other commissioners can vote against us and vote with big money special interests.

The petition, "Families for Freedom and Fairness," is a smokescreen to deceive us. It will take away the power of each of the communities of Lee County. This petition does not deserve the noble adjectives it's titled with. Let's just remember it as the "3 Fs" petition.

Roger Wood

St. James City



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