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Cape Coral makes more moves against Pine Island

April 25, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

A few days ago, I and lots of other Pine Islanders received a very slick and expensive brochure in the mail from an organization that calls itself "Families for Freedom and Fairness." It included a petition the sender wanted us to sign that would seek changing the Lee County Commission to a hybrid single-member district system. If their effort is successful, Pine Islanders would no longer vote for all five county commissioners - we would vote only for a commissioner shared with Cape Coral plus two at-large commissioners.

In other words, our district commissioner would be elected by the majority of the votes of several hundred thousand Cape Coral residents and some 6,000 Pine Islanders. Pine Island would be disenfranchised. Throw that petition in the trash, and be sure to tell your neighbors to do likewise.

Of course, the organization behind this power grab has nothing to do with "families," "freedom," or "fairness." It's the same people that recently forced all of east Matlacha into the Cape Coral House District.

The news gets even worst. A few days ago, the Cape Coral government purchased the entire largely undeveloped waterfront in Matlacha on the north side of Pine Island Road. The purchase covers nearly a mile of waterfront property (not all usable) and extends from across from the former Chamber of Commerce building property to a line that appears to be the east side of Miceli's Restaurant. Rumored intended uses for the property include gated high-rise condominiums and a private luxury marina with waterfront shops and restaurants. You should expect a renewed effort to annex the entire area.

Phil Buchanan

St. James City



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