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Say it ain't so, Joe

April 18, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Whenever someone becomes disgruntled or upset over a particular instance that involves them directly or indirectly, they are quick to accuse others of wrongdoing without a clear picture of what the facts actually are, which in turn clouds their reasoning.

Joe is correct in stating that we had the pleasure of playing with two area head golf professionals ... on a couple of previous Tuesday scrambles, I might add. Everyone on those occasions enjoyed their company. I don't recall if either one won. In any case, there was no outcry then and shouldn't be now. Our game is open to anyone who wants to play.

Some of our regulars were complaining that the pros hadn't been contributing to the skins pot (which by the way, Joe, was four weeks, not six) but that's not the point. They asked me how much they needed to pay in additional skins fee to bring them up to "par" with the rest of group's contributions for the last four weeks. It amounted to $12 each, which they gladly paid. Incidentally, there were several other players that day who had never played with our group who did not pay an additional catch up. No one complained about that.

Everyone likes to win a skin, especially when the pot becomes as large as last Tuesday's. The only skin won that day was ironically a par 3. Everyone knows that par 3s in a skins game is "the equalizer" Everyone has the same shot and opportunity. Many of the teams that day had a shot at winning or at least cancelling the skin on that hole. "M's" 25-foot putt happened to fall and won all the skin money. No complaints from the other three players on M's team. No one "robbed" there!

In a golf scramble, it takes all of the team members, A, B, C & D players, to contribute to a winning team. Rarely, if at all, does one player make all the shots to win. It is actually one of the few times that golf becomes a team sport.

The Tuesday Men's Scramble has been held for many years at Alden Pines G. C. and I am happy to have been a part of it for the last 12 or so years. This is the first time I have witnessed, as Joe stated: "grown men acting like kids" just for a few bucks and because things didn't quite go their way. What happened to sportsmanship? I'm sure we'll lose a few players and friends over this nonsense. And we will miss them. Paul and I have taken measures to insure that this sort of thing will not happen again. I still believe we have the best game in town!

Ron Savine

Co-director of the Tuesday

Men's Scramble



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