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Save the cats!

April 18, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Nothing is worse than a person making an uneducated complaint or statement. Case in point: The "part-time" resident who complained to Winn-Dixie corporate offices about the feral cats who reside outside the Winn-Dixie. Whether you're an animal lover or not, you have to admit they don't bother anyone. These are mellow cats who don't bite or scratch, they've never try to get in the store, and I've never seen one try to kill a bird, for crying out loud (referring to a comment made to the reporter for the "Word on the Island" published last week).

One of the greatest things about this island is the humanity and compassion towards people and animals, and is what made us fall in love with it here (along with the music that another part-time resident tried to take away a couple of years ago - but I digress). We were touched when we learned about the CATS and PAWS programs (described in last week's paper so I will not repeat here). What a humane and responsible way to lessen the population of these feral felines! What the pot-stirrer doesn't understand is that these cats can't be domesticated at this point, that they're too set in their ways to be relocated. And let us not forget that their existence was caused by irresponsible pet owners who abandoned their animals or failed to get them neutered, leaving the rest of us to clean up their mess.

I once heard about a transient couple from the KOA who dropped off "Fluffy" at the Winn-Dixie with a can of cat food and a can opener. A cat with opposable thumbs - now that's something I've got to see!

Pine Island is a unique, colorful and somewhat tame-less place, not unlike some of its residents, which I say fondly. I greatly resent and fear people who come here and try to change the little things that make up the personality of Pine Island. Once you start making those changes it's a slippery slope and slowly the dynamics of Pine Island will change. Whether the cats are an important issue to you or not, it's about keeping our funky little island that way it is for as long as we can. A word of advice to the pot-stirrer: Do your homework next time. Don't come to Pine Island and try to make changes that aren't warranted. If you want to live in a pristine environment with controls on every little thing, go elsewhere and leave our island alone.

Lastly, hats off to CATS and PAWS organizers, volunteers and members of the community who care and feed our furry friends. You are so very much appreciated!

Hugh Bremner & Annie Nicholson

Saint James Cit



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